Many Products Are Available For Ingrown Toenail Treatment

There are many products on the market to help treat ingrown toenail. The most common reason for ingrown toenail is cutting or trimming the nail improperly so there are a variety of special clippers that are sold to help ensure proper trimming. Improper trimming results in curving of the nail into the nail fold. This curvature can cause the toenail to injure the soft surface of the nail.

While an ingrown toenail itself is not a disease, it can certainly lead to a nail infection. Onychomyscosis is the most common type of nail infection and it accounts for about half of all nail disorders. The infections are particularly prominent in nails that are exposed to warm, moist environments like sweaty shoes or shower floors.

The eloi ingrown nail clipper is a popular product for people who suffer from ingrown toenails. These clippers are designed to help prevent the formation of ingrown toenail. The seki ingrown tail clipper has a slanted edge that makes the toenail easier to trim.

There are specially designed ingrown toenail files that make it easy to trim and shape the toenail. These are thin files that can be used to cover the edges and the painful areas of the ingrown toenail.

It is extremely important to sterilize clippers and nail files with alcohol before using them in order to prevent the possibility of a nail fungus infection. If you have an ingrown toenail and you go for a professional pedicure, you should take your own pedicure instruments with you so that you can be certain that they are sterile. : Many nail fungus infections are On Acquired During professional Pedicures.

There are several products on the market that can help ease the pain that is caused by ingrown toenails. Some are topical and some are taken by mouth. Some doctors prescribe an anti-fungal lacquer, such as Penlac, which can be painted on the nail and surrounding skin. This protects the skin from further injury and helps promote healing. After a few days the polish is removed and a new coat is applied. This may be done as often as needed to provide relief.
If your ingrown toenail becomes infected you should talk to your doctor about products that are best for you.