Mangosteen Testimonials

Many people are getting curious about the wondrous ability of the mangosteen to prevent, cure, and heal different illnesses of the body. The indegenous people of Southeast Asia first started using the mangosteen for healing. According to them, it could treat and prevent illnesses and infections like fever, body pain, inflammation, diarrhea, cystitis, gleet, gonorrhea, dysentery, and eczema.

Even health practitioners and nutritionists swear by the mangosteen’s healing properties and are using them in their medicinal practice as supplementary therapy to treat their patients. No wonder they only have good things to say about this so-called “Food of the Gods.”

Mangosteen provides powerful support for every organ system in the human body. This fact is being confirmed on a daily basis by clinical experience…- J. Frederic Templeman, M.D.

– “Mangosteen… is able to reverse most of the ailments of modern man.”- Kenneth J. Finsand, M.D.

– “Mangosteen provides huge health benefits for every organ in our bodies.”- Sam Walters, N.M.D.

– “… One of the great medical discoveries of all time.” – Bruce Wilkin, M.D.

– “… I started taking the juice myself to try it, and then decided to use it in my practice. Since then, I have used mangosteen juice for various medical conditions…” -Hugo Cepeda, M.D.

– “… Because of my healing experience, I started researching the mangosteen fruit and read many studies from around the Pacific Rim. I started sharing it with my patients as a complement to traditional medications. Many patients have been able to taper their medications while on the mangosteen.” – Armando de Guzman, M.D.

– “The benefits mangosteen offer to people are monumental, and I’m immensely grateful I have discovered it for my clients.” – Dr. Gil Alvarado, N.D., L.Ac.

– “… We treat a lot of cancer patients in our clinic… The majority… are Stage Four and beyond. In some cases, they have been given six to eight weeks to live. We often witness wonderful results. The mangosteen juice has become one of the many weapons in our arsenal. It has given them their lives back.” – Sam Walters, N.M.D.