Mango Wood Durability – Are You Giving Up Quality?

The fruit of the mango tree is no stranger to anyone who is familiar with exotic cocktails, fruit juices and cake recipes. It is popular for its sweet taste and characteristic texture, but is far from being the only produce the tree gives during its life time. If you are in the middle of doing up your home and looking for hardwood furniture you will be impressed by mango wood durability.

The wood of this tree is particularly important export of eastern countries, the fruit comes from only that many years, but the tree can be timbered and used for everyday household items. Sustainability makes mango a very important raw material and allows for future generations to enjoy both the fruit and pieces of furniture coming from it.

The price range of tables, chairs and beds made of this material often fall behind that of other hardwood pieces for various reasons. First of all, the wood itself is cheaper. Mango grows extremely quickly compared to teak or oak, and it makes it easy to obtain for manufacturers. Second most important factor is that these furniture are often crafted to perfection by local craftsmen which allows for lower price.

The durability is very good, no wonder this wood is considered hardwood. Properly prepared and processed pieces don’t wear quickly, they keep their original texture for a long time. Beds, tables are manufactured not unlike lamp tables and drawers.

One of the most fascinating attributes is the texture these boards give to the final product. The material ranges from light brown to dark tones in color, quite often having a hint of pink. It borrows a bit of life to any room and gives something intriguing to look at.

Be aware of the fact that mango wood is extremely prone to fungal attacks. Proper manufacturers treat the material against these risks and use only the highest quality boards for long lasting and durable furniture.

The wood is good enough to make heavy duty pieces, such as beds and tables. With the right technique these can be made long lasting and protected against deterioration.

Demand for durable mango wood furniture raise sharply in the United Kingdom, and with the low price and sustainable source they will be able to keep their value to price ratio about the same while other non-sustainable sources will dry out and price for oak and teak will rise. They are not available everywhere just yet, but taking a look online will give you a general idea if it’s worth it to pay the shipment to where you live.