Manage Your Diabetes with a Diet Menu

This is a great starter diet for someone suffering from Diabetes, who is looking for an effective way to manage the health and fitness portion of their diabetes management plan. Be sure to always consult your physician before beginning any new diet plan. This diet provides 50 percent starches, 30 percent proteins and 20% fat in calories, and follows the diabetic food pyramid's method of creating an eating plan. Make sure to only eat the foods that are on the list below, and only eat the amount that is specified. It is important that you do not skip over or miss meals, or snack in between the planned meals. All foods should be measured, which can be done using a standard measuring cup, teaspoon or tablespoon. Foods are generally measured after cooking to ensure proper portion size. Make sure always to bake, broil or boil meats rather than frying, unless you are specifically designed to do so. Special foods are not necessary, as you're only required to stick to low calorie and lean foods, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables rather than canned or frozen, and skimmed milk instead of whole or Vitamin D.

As a diabetic, make sure to avoid sweets, candy, sugar, honey, pies and anything else that is prepared with sugar. You should also avoid foods that are high in fat or cholesterol, as well as alcoholic beverages like beer and wine. Avoid fats, sweets, fried foods and foods prepared in sugar or oil in order to control or maintain your weight. Make sure to avoid red meats, high cholesterol and fat foods and alcoholic beverages at all times, regardless of the goals in your personal diet management plan.

A standard 1800 calorie sample menu involves two fruits, two breads, one meat, two fats, one milk, and a free food. This translates to approximately 2/3 of a cup of apple juice, of of a cup of oatmeal, one slice of toast, one egg that is soft cooked, one cup of percent or skim milk, and a glass of coffee or tea for breakfast . For lunch, expect to have two meats, two breads, one vegetable, two fruits, two fats and a free food, which translates to something like a half cup of tuna, two slices of bread, a half cup of tomato slices, a cup of mixed fruit, a teaspoon of margarine, and a glass of tea with lemon. The ideal dinner consists of three meats, two breads, one raw vegetable and two fats. This can translate to three ounces of baked chicken, a half cup of mashed potatoes, a slice of bread and a cup of broccoli or a tossed salad with a tablespoon of salad dressing.