Manage Irritability After Quitting Smoking

Whether you are still in the habit of smoking or have quit smoking entirely you still may experience urges, otherwise known as cravings, to smoke. If you are still in the habit, satisfying this urge to smoke is easy, all you have to do is smoke a cigarette. On the other hand, if you have quit smoking, getting through the urge to smoke may prove to be a bit more challenging.

As an ex-smoker I realized I smoked for many reasons. One of the most obvious was the fact that I was addicted to nicotine. Good old nicotine, it’s said that one pure drop of nicotine can kill a person. Not only is nicotine considered to be a poison, but nicotine is also thought to be as addictive as heroin. Unfortunately, I had no idea of how addictive nicotine was until it was too late.

After I quit smoking, it was difficult, but not impossible, to manage the urges to smoke. Suffering from nicotine withdrawal was very uncomfortable and I did not like the way it made me feel. The urge to smoke was quite strong at times and I often felt like I was not going to make it. Then to my surprise, I discovered that if I resisted the urge it would go away. All I had to do was not smoke and find ways to not think about smoking. That sure sounds simple, but for those that have quit smoking or at least tried to quit it isn’t always so. When managing urges to smoke the most common nicotine withdrawal symptom I encountered was irritability, lots of irritability.

As uncomfortable as it would be at times, to not smoke, due to the irritability associated with nicotine withdrawal, I was able to find methods to lessen its affects and get through the day. Going for a short walk around the block seemed to work the best. While I would walk I would practice taking slow deep breaths, kind of how I used to do when I smoked a cigarette. If I was unable to get out for a walk, I found that by doing some quick stretches, in my office or wherever I was, worked pretty well to relieve my irritability. I think the key to managing irritability while you quit smoking is to find ways to relax and to rid yourself of those thoughts that are begging you to have a cigarette.

There are many different nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Irritability was the main nicotine withdrawal symptom I encountered. Of course there were others but I struggled the most with managing irritability while I quit smoking. I believe the type of nicotine withdrawal symptoms and the intensity depends much on the individual and the method used to quit smoking. The urge to smoke after quitting will come, and yes, it will go. The urge to smoke should get less and less the longer you sustain from smoking a cigarette. I have been able to quit smoking and stay quit for some time now. Sure it has been difficult and uncomfortable at times but I can gladly say I am smoke free and as each new day passes without smoking I am able to manage irritability better.