Male Yeast Infection Rash – What You Should Do About It

Did you know that men can get yeast infections as well as women? Although it is uncommon, the yeast infection can be passed from a woman to a man but this is not to say that it is a sexually transmitted infection or STI. What you must remember however is that just because the female in the relationship has the yeast infection, the male yeast infection rash may not affect you as well.

Typically, a male with a weakened immune system has a higher risk of getting a yeast infection. This could include such things as taking antibiotics which have been proven to lower the efficiency of the immune system. The HIV virus is also another cause of a weakened immune system and diabetes can also cause this. The same applies for women as well usually; the weakened immune system will make them more susceptible to getting yeast infections.

There are many symptoms associated with a yeast infection in men and one of the things that must be remembered is that some of the symptoms for this are very similar to those that you can have with some of the sexually transmitted infections and therefore you must be seen by a doctor to determine the real root cause of the symptoms. A male yeast infection rash is one of the main symptoms that you can expect to see and it will most likely be rather red in color and also quite angry looking. You may also find that it can be quite painful. Usually the rash will occur at the tip of the penis and most remedies that are bought over the counter are effective in getting rid of this.

Although you may find that your symptoms are in places which can be embarrassing to show other people such as doctors, it is important that you go and visit and medical professional to make sure that you do have a yeast infection and not a sexually transmitted infection as like already mentioned, both of these conditions can have rather similar symptoms.