Male Sexual Dysfunction and Obesity

Lots of people are overweight and we know that being overweight is unhealthy. Most people also find obesity unattractive, especially in sexual partners. Recent research has also shown that obesity is also linked to erectile dysfunction and infertility.

In an Australian study of 675 men between the ages of 45 to 60, it was found that erectile dysfunction was consistently related to obesity. This was even after factors such as age and the obesity related declination in testosterone were taken into consideration. One study is not definite, but other studies have shown similar results.

In a study in Brazil, researchers studied men over 60 and also found a strong correlation between obesity and erectile dysfunction. A Harvard study showed that men with a 42 inch waist were nearly 50% more likely to have problems than men with 32 inch waists. An Italian study showed that obese men with erectile problems could reduce their problems by losing weight.

We also know that obesity is related to low fertility in men and studies have shown that this is true in youngger men as well.

It seems that obesity is worse than originally thought and strongly correlated with many medical issues, not just heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and stroke. Men, if having sexual performance or fertility issues, try losing weight. And even if you do not have those issues, if you're fat, you are much better off in the long run if you trim down, so do some exercise and eat well to prevent future problems.