Male Puffy Nipples – Why Do They Happen?

Many males develop puffy nipples during puberty. But while most of these males see their chest flatten by the time they reach adulthood, for some, the condition remains. Puffy or swollen male nipples are an embarrassing cosmetic condition. A lot of guys had a hard time in high school when their classmates laughed at them for having these feminine nipples. Once they become men, having oversized nipples can be detrimental to a man’s social and sex life.

Why do male puffy nipples occur?

Puffy nipples are in fact one symptom of a cosmetic condition known as Gynecomastia, which is in essence excessive fat in the male chest area. Gynecomastia occurs in over 50% of adolescent males and in over 30% of adult males. The most common symptom of Gynecomastia is a benign swelling of the breasts. This happens in various degrees, from a slight protuberance to a complete feminine appearance. Puffy nipples are another symptom which in some cases happens alongside a general swelling of the breast area.

The excess fat literally pushes the nipple outwards and causes it to jut forward. The best way to get rid of swollen nipples is to reduce the excess chest fat which is pushing them out.

Do they mean I have a disease?

The simple answer is no. In nearly all cases, Gynecomastia is simply a cosmetic condition brought about by an unhealthy lifestyle or hormonal imbalance. However, there are a number of genetic syndromes such as the Gilbert syndrome which may, as a side effect bring upon Gynecomastia and puffy nipples. As this is but a side effect, most likely you would have already known if you had this syndrome.