Male Pattern Alopecia

Male pattern  alopecia  is also known as male pattern baldness. It is thought to be hereditary and can affect any man from the late teens to old age. Increasingly, a great number of young people are suffering from this condition. Since hair loss can lead to a serious dent in one’s self image because of the appearance changes, it should be treated at the earliest possible time.

Male pattern  alopecia  is caused by the production of the DHT hormone. DHT impedes the growth of new hair by affecting the hair follicle. An average person loses about 100 hairs every day. Since the hair follicles quickly grow new hairs to replace this, the loss is not noticed. However, if the growth of the hairs is hampered by DHT, the hair lost starts becoming more than the hair replaced and a person experiences partial balding before the balding completely becomes permanent. This condition can be treated by the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs inhibit the production of DHT and therefore the growth of new hair by the hair follicles is unaffected. The balding condition is therefore stopped and one may even regrow their hair completely. The pharmaceutical drugs that are most commonly used include Provillus, Procerin, Corvinex, etc. The drugs may have side effects and it is important to consult your doctor before using the drugs. Some of them are mixed with herbal ingredients such as saw palmetto to give them a more natural outlook and to minimize the side effects. Herbal medicine is all the rage these days and you can expect that drug companies will not be left behind in this new craze. Since female type baldness is not caused by DHT, these drugs may not be of much help to women. Actually, female baldness is mostly caused by hormonal imbalances in their body and some drugs such as Sephren are being developed to meet this shortfall.

You can also choose to use herbal substances to cure the male pattern baldness. The jury is still out on whether the herbal products work. Some of these herbal products include:

· Rosemary extracts: This is found in many culinary dishes. It aids in the circulation and growth of new hair. It provides antioxidants that are important to hair loss prevention.

· Saw palmetto: This unblocks the hair follicles by helping reduce the DHT levels. Some say that it is more effective than pharmaceutical drugs.

· Horsetail extract: This contains large amounts of healthy silica which are useful in giving hair follicles their strength and to aid in the growth of new hair.

· Chamomile extract: This extract re-energizes and conditions the hair and the scalp.

· Lettuce: Lettuce greatly aids in the reduction of hair loss. A spinach juice and lettuce mixture can make the hair grow when half a liter a day is taken. According to some people, it is one of the best herbal treatments for hair loss.

· Amaranth: The fresh leaf juice of amaranth can be applied to the hair to avoid hair loss. It assists in the growth of hair and keeps it soft.

It is really up to you to decide which remedy you prefer for the treatment of male pattern  alopecia .