Male Enhancement and the Myth of the Natural Brand Drugs


Perhaps you're wondering if there is any herbal product in the market with the brand name "natural Viagra." The answer is an emphatic NO.

This is just an advertising trick for the marketing of all types of products based on herbs for the erectile dysfunction and male sexuality problems. Apart of the possible infringement of an intellectual property, the true is that for years many men have been benefiting from the alleged virtues of the so-called herbal male enhancement. The million dollar question, is whether these products can replace a scientifically proven medicine like Viagra, and on this issue there are different views. From the perspective of the composition and effects of Viagra is very clear that nobody so far can emulate its effects. You can buy the generic version (Sildenafil citrate), and the results in terms of terms can be good, but they are not the same as those achieved with the famous blue pill.

With regard to herbal products, some of these have been marketed for many years and its components have been used since ever by the oldest civilizations in the world. It seems that the need for good sex is a concern since the first man stood on two feet.

As there are not laboratory studies and tests with respect to these herbal products, the only guide that a potential customer may have are the testimonials of the users and especially the seniority of some brands in the market. If you have the time and investigate some of the best known, there are few complaints and customer dissatisfaction about them. Appropriately and because these supplements are manufactured with natural products, they would have no side effects on health. Any if you have any history of illness of some kind never buy these products without first consulting your doctor.

In short, there is only one medication under the brand name "Viagra" and this has no variants based on herbs. If you opt for a natural development of sexuality you will be taking a natural supplement. Not a medicine.