Male Dominance & Penis Size


Have you noticed that where ever there is a group of males, there is always one who acts as the leader of the pack? Many factors determine who this alpha male is. In some situations, the leader may be appointed or chosen to represent the group. Of course, this is not always the case, but inevitably one male will step up & take charge.

We must first understand why males have the need for a feeling of dominance. It is a common belief that the dominant male will get everything they want or desire, and they often do. Even though this isn’t necessarily true, most men want to feel like they are deserving of life’s best offerings. Therefore, it’s not hard to see why men almost always have a leader in every group. It’s just natural instinct much like survival of the fittest.

Men also don’t have a problem discussing sexuality with other men. In fact, some men are looked down upon if they refuse to divulge any information of their sexual activities. Even the most private man will usually discuss sex as long as the personal details are left out. Of course, men almost always talk about the women they have had sexual relations with recently.

Sometimes these will even turn into friendly wagers, with the winner getting the approval of the other members of the group for first dibs on the next encounter. The winner is always the one who conveys the most pleasurable sexual experiences. It is not uncommon for guys to argue amongst themselves as to who provided their partner with the best satisfaction.

Which is where penis size comes into play. The guy with the biggest penis almost always is adamant that he won the bet by giving the most pleasure to his sexual partner. The man with the biggest penis is easily regarded as the master by his peers. All the other men listen intently to his suggestions and do’s and don’ts of sex. Why? Because when it comes to sex, the guy with the biggest penis is the leader of the pack.

So in reality, except when one is appointed by random, the man with the biggest penis always becomes the leader of the group by asserting himself as the alpha male. Especially in a sexual situation. In fact, the larger the penis is, the more stature the male is given. Although other factors such as foreplay and lasting power are important, a big penis will more than make up for any sexual shortcomings.

Guys that want to become dominant males now can. There are clinically proven methods to make the male penis bigger easily and safely. Get that feeling of dominance that comes with having a big penis. Other men will notice your changes in attitude and demeanor and will probably ask you what you have been doing to gain so much confidence. Women will notice too, and soon you will be regarded as the master instead of the student.