Male Chastity Benefits


Contrary to popular perception, male chastity lies on a continuum with permanent male chastity and orgasm denial at one extreme, and mild chastity play at the other.

The male chastity benefits of every point on the spectrum will depend on your own predilections and desires.

But while there will be some people at both extremes, most of us are somewhere in between. This is self-evident if you think about it, but if you check out the online blogs and forums, you’ll invariably come away with an unrealistic view, with the emphasis being very much on those who claim the more extreme forms of chastity and denial.

Now, why is this so important?

Well, to a large extent, the kind of device or belt you’re going to end up with is going to be determined by where on this continuum your own desires lie (and remember in the second part of this Guide, I suggested you keep your end-result in mind right from the beginning).

This, in turn, will determine the depth and scope of any male chastity benefits you might get from it.

For example, if you really just want to experience chastity play or perhaps a week or so in a device, then something like the CB3000 might be appropriate. In some cases devices like this are suitable for even long-term wear, but generally this isn’t the case and they tend to break after heavy use.

But if you want to experience the closest thing you’re ever going to get to total security, then a full belt, perhaps even the formidable Latowski might be more appropriate.

We’ll come back to specific devices again in another part.

But for now, let’s look at how to introduce the idea of a device to your partner.

It’s important to tread carefully and take it as slowly as you need to. Remember, you have perhaps been thinking about this for a long time (maybe years), so not only do you know the subject inside out and have a good idea of where you want to end up, your partner is most likely seeing all this through fresh eyes.

From her or his point of view, you’re suggesting something they perceive could dramatically change your entire lives and relationship, and that’salways scary. We humans do not like change, especially when it’s not change we’ve initiated.

On the face of it, this sudden and dramatic change might not be perceived as a benefit at all — but it often can be if you both take things calmly and rationally.

Now, you’ll know your partner better than I do, so consider what I say through the filter of your own experience of what he or she likes or doesn’t like.

That said, perhaps the easiest and least threatening way to introduce a device is one of the simple plastic devices above.

If you’re a man, then I recommend you don’t ask her to take responsibility for it from the outset. Put it on yourself and tell her from time to time how it feels to wear it. As before, be more attentive and loving, but without being a pest.

Resist the urge to wax lyrical about how much you’d like her to take the keys and never, ever let you out again. As I said before, this is new to her.

If you’re a woman, you can handle it very much the same way, only this time you do hand responsibility over along with the keys.

The purpose of all this is to get them to feel comfortable with it. You want life to carry on as much as normal – you’re showing them this device isn’t suddenly making a massive difference in your lives and the sky isn’t in fact about to fall in.

Then, after a few days, you want to repeat the romantic evening you had before; only this time, when you make love, you’ll keep the device on (or if you’re a woman, wheedle him round so he agrees to keep it on – again, depending on your partner and how you know him, promise his release either at the end of the session or the next morning).

And again, after you’ve made love talk about your feelings and focus on the good bits. If you get something wrong, or some parts just don’t work out, just relax about it. It doesn’t have to be a big deal unless you decide to make it one.

Can you see the pattern?

We’re taking things slowly, step by step, showing at every stage there’s nothing to be afraid of and highlighting all the benefits.

The important thing to realise is this: you have to SHOW her the benefits and not just TELL her about them. She won’t believe they’re real until she’s experienced them for herself.

Unless you’re right on the “chastity play only” side of the continuum (which is perfectly OK, since it’s your life and no one but you gets a vote), your ultimate aim for chastity is going to be your partner holding your key – and that itself can have many meanings, consequences, and, of course, benefits.