Male Candidiasis – 7 Top Tips to Cure Candidiasis in Men Fast

Male Candidiasis is a fact, it isn’t just women who get the infection. And, if left untreated, can cause severe health problems. Here, you’ll discover 7 top tips that many sufferers have found to be very effective in relieving Candidiasis in men. First though, let’s look at a huge problem with male Candidiasis (also called yeast infection or Candida)…

The problem is that it can take some considerable time for Candidiasis symptoms to appear in males. So the infection is well-progressed and deep-seated by the time the symptoms do show. Another problem is that many males are either unaware that they can have the condition, or if they are, they don’t want to talk about it when they do have it.

These problems together can make a fast cure for male Candidiasis very difficult to achieve. Not only is the Candidiasis in men deep-seated by the time they start treatment, the mainstream medications themselves can sometimes be ineffective in these circumstances.

You see, frontline medication using over-the-counter or prescription gels, creams, sprays, etc., really just address the local symptoms, not the underlying causes which can trigger an infection. The prime triggers are; beneficial bacteria depletion, lowered immune system, hormonal imbalance, and high blood-sugar due to things like unhealthy diet, diabetes and stress.

Any one, or a combination, of these can allow for the naturally occurring Candida albicans fungi in your body to overgrow into fully fledged Candidiasis. So this is why men (and women) are increasingly achieving success through the use of natural remedies. Typical home remedies for male Candidiasis are:-

1. Drastically reduce, or avoid, sugar in your diet and drinks, including artificial sweeteners, juices and sodas, dried and canned fruit, sweets, cakes, etc. Candida albicans feeds on sugar.

2. Severely reduce your carbohydrate intake as carbs produce sugar during the body’s normal digestive process.

3. Consume a lot of cranberries daily. These have natural antibacterial properties. But only use fresh cranberries or unsweetened cranberry juice, i.e. no sugar.

4. Eat lots of fresh garlic which also have good antibacterial properties.

5. Take plain yogurt every day. But it has to be unsweetened, with no fruit, sugar or other additives. The friendly bacteria such yogurt contains helps to fight the Candida fungi.

6. Only wear loose-fitting, breathable cotton underwear, and, after swimming or gym change out of your wet / damp clothes. The fungus loves warm, moist, dark areas.

7. Abstain from intercourse until the Candidiasis has properly cleared because the infection can be transferred back and forth during sex. Sorry, but this is important!

There you have 7 natural home remedies to help cure male Candidiasis. But although they can be very effective indeed, there is much more you need to address (see below) to give you the highest possible chance for a complete, permanent cure, especially in men.