Make Peace With Your Heart – And Take Charge Of Your Health

“Just thought you would like to hear the latest report from my Cardiologist, whom I went to see on Monday, just because it has now been over one year since my MI.” This was the beginning of an Email message that Susan, a 62-year old patient of mine from Sedona, Arizona, sent me recently, one year after she suffered a major heart attack. “He was a bit disturbed when I first saw him” she continued, “because I said I was not taking any medications and had not since last August. As he was talking with me he said he would probably prescribe a couple of medications for me to start taking again, but first he wanted to do an echocardiogram and a stress test.”

“I agreed to them both and they were done in his office. While I was on the treadmill, I became tired, so I told his assistants I was getting tired and they said ‘You maybe, but your heart is not!’ They said the echocardiogram and stress test were well within normal limits. When the Cardiologist came back in the room he said, ‘I am totally surprised, just totally surprised, these tests show a healthy heart, no failure at all! So you can go home, continue doing what you have been doing and come back to see me in six months.’ He did not mention anything else about medications.”

Her message ended by saying how grateful she was for having received all the advice and recommendations that had given here the power to claim a healthy normal heart. Susan is one in thousands of people who were listed as incurable heart disease patients but have learnt to make peace with the heart.

Love is the greatest power of the universe. It is an impulse of the heart that bestows peace, vitality, and happiness and also sets up the right karma to lead us towards completion. The necessity of heart disease arises when the need for inner transformation is not acknowledged. The degree of heart disease corresponds to the degree of negativity we hold in our heart against others and ourselves. When we choose love as the principal power and motivation behind our thoughts and actions the limiting effects of our karmic issues begin to crumble and a new sense freedom and peace begins to dominate our intentions and desires. Those who are willing to make this choice will not only recover from heart disease or its beginning stages but also awaken to a clarity of awareness that can truly make sense of the chaos, confusion and fear that is prevailing at the current stage of global transformation. Negative issues are no longer seen as obstacles but as opportunities for growth and expansion of happiness.

Love-based Medicine

Less than a hundred years ago heart disease was an extremely rare disease. Today it kills more people in the developed world than all other causes of death taken together. The most extensive studies on heart disease have shown that lack of happiness is by far the greatest risk factor for developing heart problems. Since happiness is one of the principal expressions of love, only love-based medicine can truly heal the heart and protect the body from disease and ageing. If fear is the motivation that drives a person to accept a particular treatment or make major changes in diet or lifestyle, the chances of improvement or recovery are very small. The current approaches of dealing with heart disease are mainly symptom-oriented and don’t address the underlying causes.

In several industrialized nations mortality rates from heart attacks have slightly decreased due to a generation of breakthroughs in heart care – the new medicines, the bypass operations, the angioplasties. Now the beneficiaries of this care are living with the consequences: Their damaged hearts still beat, but not strong enough for enjoying a decent quality of life.

Apart from generating a whole range of harmful side effects most currently used treatments for heart disease instill tremendous fear in cells of the body, which respond by secreting large amounts of the stress hormones cortison and adrenaline. This by itself can jeopardize the healing process. Until recently, these treatments were considered more or less harmless but are now recognized by leading heart researchers to be the main causes of a new disease called “chronic heart failure.” Chronic heart failure is a slow-motion death-experience that has reached epidemic proportions. The treatment-caused disease reflects the major dilemma in which the medical system is engulfed, although this development can also be seen in a positive light. The inability of the medical system to cure heart disease and other chronic illnesses puts the responsibility for healing back where it belongs, that is to the heart, mind and body of each individual. It opens the doors for love-based medicine.

Cleansing your body from any internal blockages is an act of love towards your cells, your heart, and the whole of your Being. Each time you cleanse an organ, the blood, the tissues and cells from toxic deposits of metabolic waste material, chemicals or the remnants of undigested foods you are actually practicing love-based medicine. Every part of the body will feel grateful, relieved and loved and in return generates impulses of love. This frequency of love and care occurs simultaneously in all the cells of the body and stands in contrast to the frequency of fear that is generated when symptoms of toxicity or congestion (called disease) are suppressed with drugs or surgical intervention. The act of self-help or self-love has the power to awaken the soul and strengthen the link to our higher self. This turns the body into a temple of God.

Be Kind to Your Body

At every moment of their existence the cells of the body send enzymes and light-encoded signals to the heart. The related messages may convey either feelings of comfort and well being or feelings of discomfort and distress. Any form of congestion in the body, which involves thickening of the tissue fluids or the formation of excessive mucus, fats, cell debris or other obstructions in the organs, muscles, skin, bones and their respective blood and lymph vessels, puts a great strain on both the physical and emotional heart. This increases the workload (and wear and tear) of the heart and reduces its very capacity of delivering vital nutrients to the 60-100 trillion cells of the body. As a result, the cells become increasingly congested, undernourished and damaged, which urges them to send signals of depression, sadness and irritability to the heart. This highly stressful situation stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete more of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, leading to further wear and tear in the body.

The challenge of this time is to start loving and accepting our physical body and to take care of all its needs, as we would take care of a loved one. Assisting the body in its attempt to heal itself generates happiness in each of its cells; it also frees the mind from its limitations and leads us to the recognition that Spirit is our true nature. Without giving any attention to the disease itself it begins to disappear in the same way as it came. By giving the body the nourishment, attention, and care it needs to remain vital and happy and by removing the impediments that prevent the body from healing itself, the cells will feel loved and protected.

Excessive Protein – The Major Cause of Congestion

On the physical level, circulatory problems and heart disease are caused by a build-up of impurities in the blood, the lymph, the tissue fluid that connects cells (connective tissue), and the walls of the blood vessels (capillaries and arteries). Of all the foods, protein from animal sources has the most congesting effects. Since the human body can only utilize a very small amount of the protein contained in meat, eggs, fish, or cheese, etc., much of the unused protein is passed via the blood stream into the connective tissues.

When too many proteins enter the connective tissue it thickens to the consistency of jelly. This obstructs the cells’ nutrient supply and removal of metabolic waste materials. To make the tissue fluid thin again the excessive proteins are stored as collagen in the basement membranes of the capillaries and arteries. Once their storage capacity for protein is exhausted the blood pressure may rise and the blood becomes thicker. The cells of the body begin to suffer malnutrition and, unable to remove all their metabolic waste products, the level of impurities in the body’s organs, tissues and cells starts to rise. This greatly adds to the workload of the heart, cuts down oxygen supply and the body as a whole becomes tired more easily.

Since the blood pressure is naturally higher in the arteries close to the heart, hardened coronary arteries are particularly vulnerable to injury. Any wounds or cracks that occur in these arteries can be life threatening and are consequently patched up by the body with special glue-like blood chemicals and cholesterol. In the long-term these first aid measures, however, may lead to total occlusion of the heart arteries, which starve the heart muscles of oxygen and trigger a heart attack. All this generates anxiety, insecurity, anger, depression, or other stressful emotions.

Other Causes…

Overeating protein foods in not the only cause of heart disease. Anything that has a strong acid-forming influence and leads to congestion anywhere in the body affects the circulatory system. Exposure to X-rays, intake of antibiotics and other medical or narcotic drugs, alcohol, coffee, cokes, tea, cigarettes, sugary foods, artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, processed, preserved, and microwave foods, etc. deplete the body’s mineral reserves and disturb its basic metabolic processes. As a result, the daily normal turnover of 30 billion cells becomes disrupted, leaving behind a large number of old and worn-out cell proteins.

Whatever amount of the protein is not deposited in the connective tissues and blood vessels begins to putrefy and form such poisons as cadaverine and putrescine. More and more toxins begin to appear in the blood, causing irritability, bad moods, fear, anger, and nervousness. One way of pushing the toxins back into the connective tissues and to suppress the corresponding emotions, at least for a little while, is to keep using such nerve toxins as nicotine, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, or even sugar. This causes addictions. It is very difficult to give up an addiction unless we use methods of cleansing that prevent new toxins from appearing in the blood stream. Drinking, for example, a glass of water before smoking a cigarette or drinking a cup of coffee thins the blood and aids the removal of toxins. Thus the urge to use stimulants lessens drastically.

The Purpose of Heart Disease

The current time is the best time ever to improve ourselves and to raise the vibration of global awareness. Our planet is a planet of emotions and is destined to become the most demonstrative example of love-based living for the rest of the universe. This means that the people on Earth must learn to live from their heart. Love is and will be the most effective way of achieving anything, from physical health to abundance and spiritual wisdom. This also means that the days of fear-dominated methods of success are numbered.

The modern heart disease epidemic merely reflects the enormous transition we are passing through on an emotional, physical and spiritual level at this crucial time in human history. We have collectively created this epidemic to deal with our emotions and to turn the planet of fear into a planet of love. Since emotions are mental impulses that have physical expressions we can effectively balance them by clearing any obstructions that may have occurred in the heart, the blood and lymph vessels, the liver, kidneys, intestines or other organs. Since this is the most favorable time for clearing old karma, we are now able to discover more simple solutions to our complex physical problems. These solutions are particularly made available to those who feel the need to take self-responsibility for their health and well being. The desire to mend the heart or any other sick part of the body through non-invasive, non-violent and natural means is an impulse of love that opens the heart. It also opens the door to recognizing Spirit within.

The last issue already covered one important method of healing — liver cleansing. Removing gallstones from the liver and gallbladder can by itself prevent and reverse heart disease especially if it is combined with programs of hydration and improved diet/lifestyle. A clean liver is perfectly capable of protecting the heart and its blood vessels from becoming blocked and damaged. If heart disease has already occurred, other organs such as the kidneys and intestines must be cleansed, too. The lymphatic system, which serves as the body’s waste removal system, has to be clear of any congestion for the body’s cells to enjoy stress-free and frictionless functioning.

Cleansing does not only free our cells from struggle and strive but also our entire life. It is good to remind ourselves that whatever we do on the physical planes we automatically do on the emotional, astral, and mental planes as well. In addition to restoring balance in our body we spontaneously restore balance in our world and also in the universe. Although heart disease can be a devastating experience for a person and his loved ones, it can also be an opportunity for a quantum leap in personal development.

Some Useful Tips:

To effectively remove congestion in the body and reverse heart disease and hypertension you need to do the following things:

o Remove gallstones from liver and gallbladder through a series of liver cleanses

o Dissolve kidney stones through a kidney cleanse

o Drink a minimum of six to eight glasses of water a day

o Take the main meal of the day at around midday

o Exercise for a minimum of 10-15 minutes a day

o Reduce or cut out protein foods that are of animal source (meat, fish, eggs, cheese)

o Avoid stimulants that act as diuretics (tea, coffee, cigarettes, sodas, alcoholic drinks)

o To remove toxins from the tissues, the lymphatic system and the blood take 1-2 sips of hot, ionized water (boiled for 15 minutes and kept in a thermos) every half hour throughout the day, for several weeks.

o Give yourself a full 5-minute massage with cold-pressed sesame oil, or at least dry-brush your body, every morning, followed by a bath or shower.

o Set aside time for meditation and recreation every day.