Major Causes of Road Accidents

There is nothing new about road accidents. During the recent festive holidays in Malaysia, the 3 main causes of road accidents have been pin-pointed. The 3 causes will be discussed in detail below.

The first major cause is sleepy drivers. Drivers who are driving on a long distance trip tend to fall asleep when driving. The long driving hours would most certainly take a toll on the driver's concentration while on the road.

To avoid accidents due to this cause, drivers should plan several short stops during the long trip. Make regular stops for either a caffeine boost or short naps to keep concentration at a high.

During this time of the year, heavy downpours are to be expected. During a heavy rain, a driver's range of visibility is greatly reduced. Whenever the vehicle in front makes an emergency brake, drivers should be able to react in time.

Due to the rain, the driver behind might not be able to notice and react accordingly. Therefore, rivers should reduce speed and take caution to avoid such accidents especially when driving in a heavy rain.

No matter often we've been told to drive safely, there are errant drivers out there who seem to always be in a rush. Though the speed limit is set at 110km / h, these drivers could be seen speeding at speeds higher than permitted. No amount of summonses could keep these drivers at bay, endangering other drivers on the road.

Drivers should avoid these major causes of road accident and learn to appreciate life.