Maintaining Your Heart Health

The ability to maintain your heart health is directly related to the overall well-being of mind, soul, and body. Here are some practical ways in which this can be achieved.

1. Reduce the intake of fat- Although a certain amount of fat is required as part of a well balanced diet, it is healthy to reduce one’s intake of fat, and be considerate of the type of fat that is consumed. Saturated fat in particular, affects blood cholesterol level and is found in dairy products such as cakes, cookies and pastries. It would be wise to switch to food that contains monosaturated fat such fruits and nuts. Polyunsaturated fat in regulated amounts help to moderate cholesterol, as such salmon, sunflower oil and soya oil will help to maintain a healthy heart.

2. Consume less salt- The consumption of salt in high levels is linked to high blood pressure. The recommended daily intake is approximately 6 grams a day.

3. Exercise regularly- Making time to exercise regularly enhances heart function and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It is prudent to introduce 30 minutes of moderate exercise into one’s daily routine.

4. Be on a weight watch- Not only does this lead to obesity, but it also adds additional stress and strain on the heart. Furthermore, this leaves you feeling drained and lethargic which negatively impacts self image and confidence. Measures that can be taken to achieve this include taking in more fruit, vegetables, unrefined carbohydrates such as cereal and pasta, and soluble fiber that is found in food such as oats and beans.

5. Stop smoking- Taking active steps to quit smoking is one of the most important measures one could take towards maintaining a healthy heart. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of having heart and respiratory diseases, emphysema, and cancer. Furthermore, those who have already suffered a heart attack can reduce the chances of a second occurrence by quitting smoking.

6. Couple a lifestyle change with dieting- It is integral that the measures captioned in this article be woven into one’s lifestyle and not be looked at as burdensome, or distasteful “must do”. Such a change in lifestyle increases self confidence, moral, energy levels leaving the individual concerned more confident and content.

7. Keep a tab on one’s bill of health – It is wise to monitor one’s health status. Regularly maintaining your body mass index, cholesterol levels and blood pressure level are advisable. This facilitates early detection of issues thus making treatment easier and more effective.

In conclusion, it must be said that a healthy lifestyle is the very essence of having contentment, and tranquility in one’s life. Thus, it is vital that we strive to be more health conscious not only for our heart health and personal well-being, but also out of concern for those whom we cherish the most.