Magnificent Cure for Premature Ejaculation in Emergencies!


Need a cure for premature ejaculation? First, you must learn how to control your ejaculatory triggers by understanding your body’s “sexual roadmap.” But of course, to achieve that, it requires time and effort on your part.

What if there is an emergency situation where you need quick fixes to last longer in bed but you don’t have the time to understand the complexity of your body’s “sexual roadmap?” For men, an ultimate cure for premature ejaculation is like an impossible fairy tale. But if you know the secrets, it can be as easy as ABC. So, where to get the ultimate quick cure for premature ejaculation? Well, let me share with you 7 techniques which you could put into action right away to delay premature ejaculation.

1. Clear Your Pipeline

After a man’s orgasm, his sexual sensitivity will drop significantly. Therefore, before you have sex, masturbate for an hour or two earlier. This will “clear your pipeline” and release any existing sexual tension. That will certainly cause you to desensitize your body and you have to work much harder to reach climax during intercourse. This is a natural cure for premature ejaculation.

2. Focus on the second fire!

Most of the time, if you ejaculate too soon you will last much longer the second time. When you recover from your first load, why not continue to entertain your woman with either foreplay or oral sex. Learn some great foreplay techniques. This will help to heat her up and make her subsequent orgasm comes sooner. This underground technique is great because you have given her an orgasm during the foreplay. Do you still need to worry about the cure for premature ejaculation when heading for second load? I don’t think so.

3. Put-up a Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China? What I meant was wear a condom. This is what you should have been doing. However, if you are not then it is time to put-up that “Great Wall of China.” A condom does play a role in helping you to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed. It will restrict the blood flow. It works exactly like a cock ring if it is tight enough. It could also decrease the sensation if it is thick enough. Try up a few different condoms until you find one that suits you. Of course this cure for premature ejaculation is not a permanent one but it does help especially when you need an “emergency exit.”

4. The Magical Potions

Gels, sprays and creams that could be applied on your genitals before intercourse to prolong sex are your magical potions. These magical portions work just like the condoms which will help you to reduce the sensitivity of your penis glans. They work like magic in extending your lovemaking process.

5. The Lord of the Ring

A cock ring or also known as penis ring is a device which you can wear around the penis. The penis ring will help in maintaining an erection longer by slowing down the flowing of blood from the erectile tissue. This device is a popular cure for premature ejaculation.

6. The Disgusting Mind Tricks

Manipulate your mind. When you feel you are near to ejaculate, think of something that turns you off – your disgusting boss, mother-in-law, the fat ugly girl! If all things fail, picture yourself having sex with a fat ugly guy! This distraction technique works really well. Try it!

7. The Tongue Thingy

When you feel that you are losing control during sex, press the tip of your tongue firmly on the top of your mouth. Then make a quick circular motion. This will distract you from sex and you will regain control. This little unknown secret works for most men.

Well, try the above cure for premature ejaculation. They are easy and simple techniques which work for most men. Put them to use and keep your early ejaculation in check!