Lymphedema Treatment

As modern medicine is just starting to understand the lymphatic system and lymphedema, lymphedema treatments are still very much in the early stages of development.

Most lymphedema treatments are based on Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). This involves wearing tight fitting bandages to help push lymph out of the affected limb and to stop extra fluid retention. The bandages are worn whilst performing specific exercises designed to stimulate lymph flow and reduce the swellings. Manual lymph drainage massages are also performed which encourage lymph flow. Proper diet is also advised.

Skin care is also vital in maintaining good health and avoiding infections. As lymphedema can cause poor circulation and an accumulation of toxic waste, the skin can suffer and turn dry and scaly which in turn can lead to cracks in the skin allowing bacteria to enter the body and blood stream. As the affected area is full of stagnant, protein rich fluid which is ideal for bacteria breeding ground, allowing bacteria to enter could cause a very serious infection leading to further complication.
This is pretty much the foundation of what most lymphedema therapists prescribe.

Originally, exercise was not prescribed as it was thought that putting the limb under any kind of stress would cause more swellings and irritate the lymphoedema. Now though new research is proving that exercise is actually beneficial and that people whom regularly exercise have much less symptoms of lymphedema than people who don’t.

I have personally been studying the lymphatic system since 2003 after I developed bad health which was affected my lymph system. Initial I did not know what was wrong and doctors could not identify what was wrong either. It took me many years to discover what was wrong and then find out how to cure myself. As there was so little information about the lymphatic system and how to heal it, it was an uphill battle all the way with virtually no help from the doctors and health specialists. After many test and years I discovered what it takes to heal the lymphatic system and regain amazing levels of health and in my research I have found that this directly applies to lymphedema sufferers.

As a result of my research I have put together an eBook guide on how to heal the lymphatic system and reduce lymphedema swelling which is only available from my website
Although currently there is no cure for lymphoedema, there are certainly many things which can be done to keep swellings under control and maintain excellent health. My eBook “Discover How To Heal Your Lymphatic System & Reduce Swelling Caused By Lymphedema” covers all known lymphedema treatment but it also covers what most people don’t know or understand and that is what you put into your body affects your lymphedema.
Here’s some of what you will discover;

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