Lymphedema Sleeve

Surgical or even pharmacological treatments for lymphedema are not as effective as the natural preventive measures. Infact although lymphedema is incurable, it can be treated rightly with natural remedies and care. Complete Decongestive Physical Therapy (CDP) is the best methods to treat patients who suffer from lymphedema. This treatment includes, bandaging, compression garments, exercises and even manual lymph drainage therapy. The lymphedema sleeve is one such compression garment that is essential in treating lymphedema.

This is a form of compression garment that aids in the flow of lymph fluid and helps in decongesting it. The wearer experiences the right amount of compression because of the inner and outer padding as well as tightening straps that are excellent in keeping the circumferential pressure intact with the help of lymphedema sleeves. The sleeves are multifunctional and can be used on a patient's leg as well by simple configuration.

Since the materials used in these sleeves are flexible enough they can be configured to wrap around the limbs angles. A few lymphedema sleeves also contain gel sheets that provide the much needed support and are also excellent as they have a heat flux that is higher and this helps keep the limbs cool. The sleeves are also made of absorbent materials that do not allow sweat to accumulate, as this could lead to skin infections if it is not kept clean and devoid of sweat. The inner padding of the lymphedema sleeve has enough room so that additional holes can be created.

Before buying a lymphedema sleeve it is essential to check with your doctor on the kind of sleeve required for the compression intensity, as it could vary depending on the severity of the lymphedema the patient is suffering from. There are custom made as well as ready made sleeves that you can opt to buy. And although custom made sleeves are much expensive than ready made ones, they can be made to custom fit your limbs.