Lymphedema Pump

Lymphedema causes excess of lymph fluid to lie stagnant in the certain parts of the body, generally the limbs thereby causing swellings. Lymphedema pumps are exclusively used to get rid of the excess lymphatic fluid that is collected in the limbs and is sent back to the cardiovascular system. This systems helps flush out all the toxic materials that gather in the tissues of the individuals body. The pump treatment is a professional treatment that needs to be carried out under the supervision of the therapists.

The lymphedema pump treatment consists of two phases in the treatment which is the preparation and the drainage stage. Preparatory stage is nothing but the Manual Lymph Drainage therapy which firstly makes sure that the lymphatic vessels are prepared to take off the fluid by draining it through the pumping process. This is an important phase and if not done well the lymphatic vessel is not prepared to remove the excess lymph fluid.

This could even cause additional damage since sometimes the fluid can spill over to the other tissues that surround it.

The lymphedema pump in the drainage phase needs to be set so that the right pressure is applied before the garment is added on. Once the pump is put on, it automatically starts working for the period of time you set it for. The pump works gently and simulates the fluid that has gathered excessively in a particular limb and sends it back into the lymphatic vessel, which takes it to the bloodstream for purification.

The two types of lymphedema pump that are available are sequential gradient pump and the flexitouch pump. The sequential gradient pump is automated and pushes air into the garment it is fixed into. This gently creates a pumping kind of motion which helps regulate the flow of lymph. FlexiTouch pump aids in taking care of both the phases of treatment.