Lymphedema Products

Managing lymphedema can be quite difficult but a combination therapy of manual lymph drainage followed by bandaging and using compression garments has yielded positive results. Skin care and exercise also play a major role in the treatment of lymphedema. In order to conduct this therapy, various lymphedema products are used to aid the process. Some of the products are compression bandages, compression garments, foams and footwear, accessories like hooks, fasteners, donning aids, padding, compression devices and pumps. In the first step of treatment, manual lymph drainage is performed followed by bandaging and daily use of compression garments with regular skin care.

Patients with lymphedema have to wear compression garments after decongestive therapy so that the reduction of the swelling is maintained. These compression garments can either be custom-made or purchased from a store. Compression sleeves, gloves, gauntlets and bras are some of the lymphedema products used for the upper region of the body. For the lower extremities, knee-high or thigh-high stockings, compression panty hose and other compression devices are available. It is important to consult the doctor while selecting a compression garment so that it is suitable for the patient’s condition. The compression garments need to be replaced periodically as they lose their efficacy with constant use.

Bandaging the affected limb helps to keep the swelling in check. In case of lymphedema patients, bandages are essential to exert a resistance on the skin so that the muscle tissue can easily absorb the fluids and reduce water retention. Even throughout the daily activities or exercises, it is advisable to bandage the limb so that the lymphatic flow is encouraged. Short stretch bandages are ideal because they promote circulation of the lymph fluids, thus preventing swelling. A variety of lymphedema products are available for bandaging -tubular stockinettes, bandages for fingers and toes, adhesive bandages and tapes can be purchased according to the individual needs.

An item that plays a major part in the lymphedema treatment process is the pump. The Sequential Gradient Pump and FlexiTouch Pump are two varieties of pumps commonly used for decongestive therapy. These prove to be greatly useful to people who have no access to a massage therapist who can help them with the decongestive therapy. Lymphedema pumps can either be bought or rented out from medical stores. Other lymphedema products include items used for skin care and cleansing. Gels, oils, lubricating and moisturizing creams are utilized by patients for their skincare routine.

Lymphedema patients must follow a life-long treatment for the condition. Newer products coming on the market are being used by therapists to take care of problem issues like swelling and fibrotic tissues. Elastic Therapeutic Tape is one such product which is used to soften edemas. Certain accessories akin to bandage rollers, donning or doffing aids or even special footwear aim to make life a little easier for the lymphedema patient. Online shopping is a convenience of the modern age and patients can easily procure lymphedema products to suit their individual requirements. Some of these stores have trained personnel to help the patient select the right product.