Lymphedema Products

Lymphedema needs to be treated in the right way; there are several products that are now available in the market that work well in decreasing the swelling that is caused by the immobile lymph fluid in the body. These compressors and bandages have proved to be very useful in compressing the swelling. All lymphedema products are generally used as the first step for manually draining out the lymph fluid. This is possible because of the regular bandaging and the compression garments that are accompanied by proper skin care.

The complete decongestive therapy (CDT) usually requires some good compression substances that will prevent the swapping from getting back to the tissues. Most compression lymphedema products include compression bandaging and knit garments that are also used in compression therapy. There are products for women such as compression bras, gloves, sleeves, gauntlets etc. Some other lymphedema products that are used for lower body areas are high-stockings, knee-high stockings, compression panty-hose as well as other compression devices.

Apart from the various bandages that are used to compress the swellings that are caused by the lymph fluid. These compressions help in releasing and encouraging the flow of lymphatic fluid in the body. There are other lymphedema products that can be purchased depending on the persons needs like bandages for the fingers, bandaging-tubular stockinetes, adhesive bandages etc.

A few other products that aid in the treatment are pumps like the Flexi Touch Pump, Sequential Gradient Pump etc that are excellent for decongestive therapy. These pumps are extremely useful for those who can not afford a massage therapist. These pumps can be obtained from any medical stores. There are other products like gels, moisturizing and lubricating creams as well as oils that are an excellent aid for the right skincare routine.