Lymphedema Massage

Lymphedema is a condition that causes the limbs to swell because the capacity of the lymphatic system is either reduced or damaged. The two lymphedema massage therapies manual lymph drainage and lymphatic massage are based on the idea that the blocked or damaged lymph vessels can be manipulated so that its function improves. Lymphatic massage involves application of pressure that is gently which also aids in relaxing the body. On the other hand MLD massage therapy involves a technique that deals in circular technique along with gentle stokes that is towards the direction of your heart.

Lymphedema massage is extremely beneficial in treating and alleviating the swelling that all lymphedema patients are subject to. The massage therapy also helps in relaxing the body so that it deals better not only with stress but invariably strengthens the immune system as well. The therapy works wonders and unlike surgery that is not 100% guaranteed and even causes a lot of pain; the lymphedema massage therapy helps the individual lead a normal life. However these massages need to be carried out under the supervision of a certified lymphedema massage therapists.

The lymphatic massage therapy system works at simulating the lymph vessels and nodes so that the blockages are reduced which keeps the lymph fluid flowing so that the immune system remains healthy. The massage therapy involves getting rid of al the toxic material thereby promoting an immune system that is strong.

The manual lymph massage on the other hand has been around since ages and was initially used to detoxify the body. Today this massage is used so that it helps regulate the lymphatic system, and this is bought about by gentle massaging that unblocks any lymph vessel. This in turn allows the free flow of lymph fluid in the body thereby inducing the release of toxins.