Lymphedema Exercise

There is a lot of controversy involved when it comes to exercising if suffering from lymphedema. Some regards exercises as an irrational treatment, since lymphedema is anyways not curable. However contrary to myths and beliefs, lymphedema exercises in fact is a vital part of the treatment program. Infact not many clinics are aware that lymphedema exercise exists and is good for those suffering from this condition. The common scenario is that when patients ask their healthcare advisers about what exercises they need to follow, they are often confronted with information that is conflicting. This makes it even difficult for patients, as they do not know the difference between truth and myth.

Lymphedema is infact the excess water and protein in the system; This is because the lymphatic fluid that helps in draining out the toxic substances from the body does not flow freely or due to the damage in the lymphatic vessels. Exercises ensure that the circulatory system in the body is expanded and contracted enough which aids in helping the flow of lymphatic fluid. However it is essential that those who want o take up a sport as part of their lymphedema exercise routine need to consult with a physician first.

However a few general caveats that need to be followed by the individual suffering from lymphedema are.

o Abdominal breathing should be followed before and after the exercise routine.

o The limb needs to be covered in compression garment while exercising. This regulates the flow of lymph fluid well.

o Start exercising minimal and then gradually progress to longer exercise periods. This will prevent any kind of injuries or soreness and also helps in strength building.

o Take interviews after every 15 or 20 minutes of exercise, this will elevate the limbs.

o Restrictive or tight clothing can actually hamper in free body movement.