Lymphedema Compression Stockings Alleviate Skin Swelling

Have you been diagnosed with lymphedema? This health condition occurs when a person develops swelling in the legs and arms. In this disease, your body's lymphatic system can become blocked and fluid can collect, which results it from draining and circulating properly. When fluid can not drain, it pools and causes your arm or leg (or sometimes both arms and legs) to swell uncomfortably. There is no cure for this condition but some people may find relief by using lymphedema compression stockings.

What causes it?

Swelling often occurs after a patient undergoes injury, surgery, or infection. Injury or trauma to the lymphatic system can interfere with the body's ability to drain the clear lymph fluid. In addition, cancer and treatment for cancer such as radiation can lead to lymphatic disorders.


If you have this circulation disorder, you may experience arm, leg, finger, or toe swelling. Tightness, heaviness, aching, or thickness and hardening in the extremities is also another sign. People with this disorder are also prone to developing infections in their swollen body parts.

Compression stockings and other therapies

Treating severe boiling often involves exercise and massage, two strategies designed to help the accumulated fluid drain better. Your doctor may recommend wrapping your swollen body part with bandages to facilitate drain of lymph fluid.

Lymphedema compression stockings are also often recommended. The tight elastic of these support hose firmly compress the affected limb, which in turn increases drain out of the swollen area. For people who develop recurrent swapping, wearing compression stockings is a good idea even if no limbs are currently affected because they can prevent swelling in general.