Lymphedema Bandages


One of the most effective treatment processes of dealing with lymphedema is the usage of lymphedema bandages. When these bandage are worn well it functions as a compression garment that is custom made every time it is used. Bandaging is excellent and adapts to your body or contours of your limbs easily, unlike a custom made or even ready made garment that is used for compression. With lymphedema bandages, the individual can experience almost 50% of reduction in swelling of the limbs. This is therefore a very effective technique that can be used in treating lymphedema.

A few effects that good bandaging possesses are:

o It can be reduced in size, as the skin reduces in size, since it supports the skin.

o Because it increases the tension on the limbs that are affected it aids in decreasing ultra filtration.

o The muscle pump mechanism gets even effective because of proper bandaging.

All lymphedema bandages are multi layered as well as low-compression bandages. This is because the bandages are quite thick as it is consists of atleast 8-10 layers of material. Each of these layers is made of different materials which aid in their individual function. The three basic layers in these bandages include equalization, absorption, and compression.

Lymphedema bandages are a bit expensive, however the price of these bandages usually depend on the extremity of the case it is required to treat. These bandages are particularly effective in treating patients who suffer from stage 1 and stage 2 of lymphedema. This helps in controlling the swellings that the limbs are subject to. They are effective and can be worn even during the nights when the bandages apply a gentle compression on the limbs especially when the muscles are relaxed and inactive. Bandages are also effective in continually reducing the swelling in the limbs which is its main aim.