Lympha Press – Home Solution for Lymphedema


For millions of people who suffer from lymphedema, a lymphphax press can be the optimal home solution. Lymphedema is the term used when the lymphatic system does not function properly. Fluid that would normally drain through the lymph vessels builds up and this in turn causes swelling in the affected area. This generally occurs in the arms or legs, but it can affect other areas of the body.

Not only does the excess fluid cause swelling, but it is very painful and can limit movement. There are several causes from complications associated with cancer surgery to infection. Although people may experience temporary lymphedema, the condition can be chronic and this is when a lympha press can be quite beneficial.

What are the advantages of a Lympha Press?

There are several reasons a lympha press can be advantageous for those who are suffering from lymphedema. It can be used to treat the lower lower part of the body including the abdomen and the legs. It can be adjusted – setting the pressure as well as the time of use – depending on the need and the recommendation of your doctor. It is simple to use even for those with limited ability to move about freely.

This is a treatment option that is highly regarded by many doctors. Rather than surgery for lymphedema, several prefer treating the condition non-surgically. Research shows this is a method that can be very beneficial for those who are suffering from this disorder. Tests conducted show impressive results for reducing edema or swilling are experienced by those who used the machine. There were very few side effects and the long-term benefits, such as maintaining the reduction in swing, are another benefit.

Providing Relief for Lymphedema is Essential

Due to the amount of water in blood that is filtrated by the lymphatic system, when it is not functioning correctly blockages cause swelling. Constant swapping is responsible for other problems such as hardening of the tissues. The limit that is affected can become disfigured. Infections are another problem because the buildup of lymph fluid is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Cellulitis is one of the skin infections that can be caused by lymphedema. This is a serious condition that can make people very ill. In addition to all of these problems, loss of the ability to move about freely is experienced because of pain. This can result in difficulty walking from room to room, dressing and even simple tasks such as brushing your hair. Along with all of these problems, depression is common. The loss of the ability to do the things that are part of most people's daily routine can cause stress.

How the Lympha Press Works

A lympha press includes garments that can be worn to treat many areas of the body from the abdomen to the chest, shoulders and back. Based on the practice of manual drainage of the lymph fluid, the machine uses compression to massage the affected areas of the body. This is similar to the way the lymphatic system works. The lymph fluid is moved to the lymph vessels and drained from the body.