Lyme disease rash: Symptom like a bull's eye appearance on the body

In the United States, most of the people are suffering from the Lyme Disease and this disease is now growing rapidly in all over the world.

Lyme disease rash occurs due to the tick bite. It seems like an oval shaped reddish circle and a minute dot could be found straight at the center of the rash. The disease is a major concern and so it becomes very important to compare the rash you received with the other known skin rashes that do not relates to the Lyme, which means the ringworm. Ringworm (Tinea) is actually a fugal infection, which the physician must have to test for the fungus. The ringworm can also be treated with the anti-fungal creams. However, the Lyme disease rash is a kind of symptom that makes a person ill, gifting him a disease that makes them sick for some long time.

Most of the doctors do not understand whether it is a lyme disease rash or something else, and due to this, they tell their patients that the infection is of spider bite. So one need to understand the Lyme disease treatment and the symptoms, which will help to get cured soon. Those receive Lyme disease rash must know that it is a major symptom of Lyme disease and will later become risky if not treated on time. The rash may increase, making the area itchy. In fact, in many cases people do not experience any itchiness. Spider bites also give same reaction on the skin just like the Lyme disease, so many gets confused. However, in spider bites, which then leave rashes can be later extremely painful, but a Lyme disease rash never brings any kind of pain to the area.

Unfortunately, the Lyme disease rash occurs in very rare cases and due to that, doctors do not identify the disease at first chance. In general, the appearance of the rash seems like bull’s eye. So remember not all of the cases get the same bull’s eye appearance. Well, a Lyme disease rash is not all the time could be found at the location of the tick bite. In many cases, the rash has even resulted in misdiagnosis. In one of the case, the size of the rash even became like a quarter or silver dollar. The size of the rash may differ as per the condition. In fact, many people even got more than one rashes on the body that marks with reddish color all over.

In this case, even if the disease is not predictable at on the spot or may take time, one need to start the treatment and get rid out of such evil disease that makes the person irritative due to its itching rashes.