Lying Symptoms – 5 Ways to Spot a Liar

If you suspect that someone is lying, there are certain lying symptoms you can look out for. Most people who are lying exhibit changes in behavior, body movements, voice, etc. There are other people however who are able to cover-up signs of lying. Here are some common signs that most people exhibit while lying:

Nervousness – The first lying symptoms to look out for usually revolve around nervousness.  This includes visual signs such as fidgeting, scratching, itching, sweating, etc.

Eye Signs – People who are lying are usually not able to keep eye contact.  Their eyes may wander away and they generally cannot look you in the eye – at least during certain parts of the conversation. Sometimes people also look up and to the right.

Overly Defensive – Lying symptoms sometimes also involve the other person becoming overly defensive.  They try and turn the conversation back on you to make you feel as though you did something wrong.  They exhibit signs of anger and often refuse to answer any questions. 

Voice Changes – People who are lying also exhibit changes in their voice.  The pitch of their voice oftentimes gets higher, they may stutter over their words, or they may pause a lot while talking – especially when asked certain questions.

Body Language Changes – Lying symptoms also involve changing body movements.  People may change their posture getting tighter or more closed up.  They may also not be able to stand still. Oftentimes people also touch their nose or face, cover their mouth, turn their hands downward (away from you), raise their shoulders etc.