Luer Lock Adapters Are Effective Connecting Devices Facilitating Closed Drug Transfer

Luer Locks are small parts which act as connectors to connect the syringe with the needle or with an adapter to enable transmission of liquid medicine or compounds without any loss due to leakage. The luer fitting on the syringe is like a screw fitted to the syringe and helps in connecting the luer lock present on the needle or adapter. The Luer Lock Adapter can help in secure connection of glassware with needle to permit air-sensitive transfer of compounds and medicine. A Luer Lock Adapter can be of different types like steel, brass, plastic, and fiber. It is used for a variety of applications. These connections are used in fluid flow apparatus for medical and surgical applications.

Luer fitting adapter facilitates tight sealed interconnection between two luer fitting members. Thus a luer fitting adapter serves as a medium to complete a medical system. The fitting includes removed male portion and female portion; Both portions are connected to form a sealed path for flow of fluids. Hard or semi-hard materials or a combination of these can be used for creating male lock portion and female lock portion.

Like any other device that helps in transmitting the fluids, the Luer Lock Adapter is also susceptible to contamination. Here proper use of these devices is recommended to avoid occupational exposure to hazardous drugs. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has published guidelines for protecting the people involved in Health care industry from occupational exposure to hazardous drugs.

As per the guidelines issued by OSHA, the devices used for transferring drug fluids and compounds should be designed as a closed system to prevent contamination of the sterile products and avoid health hazards through accidental exposure. These devices should prevent any fluid leakage which may result in adverse health effects.