Lower Back Pain When Sneezing

If you feel sudden lower back pain when you sneeze, you may find that you have sneezed so hard that you have actually strained or pulled a muscle. Some people go all out when they sneeze, and belt out huge sneezes that seem to rock the whole body. Often this is accompanied by a jolt forward, and something as simple as this can put additional strain on the muscles in the lower back.

If the pain comes on for the first time when you sneeze then the chances are that sneezing has caused the pain directly. However, if you were already experiencing problems in the back region, your sneezing may have simply set off a pre-existing condition or made it worse. The pain that you experience may be very short term or may continue even after several days. If the discomfort continues you may need to visit your doctor to ensure that there is no underlying problem that is causing the pain.

Determining the cause

It can be easy to assume that your back problem has been caused as a result of the sneezing, but there could be another explanation for it. You should ascertain whether there is any other accompanying pain such as leg pain, numbness, or tingling. If the problem continues after a few days you should get it checked out by the doctor, as you may need assistance with the muscle strain. You may even find that something else is causing the pain. Your doctor will be able to run scans and tests to find out the root cause of the pain.

If you have inflammation or you are experiencing constant discomfort your doctor may prescribe painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication. This may be in addition to other treatments such as physical therapy. This type of therapy is considered highly beneficial to those with back issues. It can involve manipulation of the spine and surrounding muscles, massage, and exercise techniques. This combination can help to ease the discomfort as well as improve mobility in the back region.

Alleviate discomfort further with home stretches

Stretching can help with a multitude of back related problems, and you could find that some simple exercises and stretches can benefit you in many ways. Your physical therapist can recommend some excellent stretches. You will be able to relieve tension from the muscles and reduce stiffness. This can help to ease mobility and flexibility so that you can move more easily and painlessly. Just some simple stretches can help to get the blood flowing, stretch the muscles, and strengthen the spine and back. All of this can help to alleviate the symptoms if you have been experiencing lower back pain when sneezing.