Low Price Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy For Autism Patients


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or hbot, has delivered clear and positive results for many patients with brain injuries, internal wounds, cerebral palsy, and many other ailments. It has been proven that this method really works to heal brain conditions, whatever they may be. So there is no reason that the therapy would not work for a disorder like autism, which has stumped so many doctors before now.

Indeed, study results have shown that children who tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy using hyperbaric oxygen chambers improved dramatically over a period of even 11 daily treatments that lasted a half hour. The typical testing period was 40 initial treatments of 60 minutes. Afterward, children tended to have fewer outbursts and displays of rage, and those who were not able to communicate very well or thrive in a social environment became more skilled and comfortable.

Autism is a neuropsychological disorder that develops within a child’s first three years. It has a genetic basis, but the real causes of autism are still an unfortunate mystery. Its possible cures are also mysteries; experts have tried psychotropic medications, changing the patient’s diet, and many other different methods, but so far the treatment that has worked the best for the most people has been hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric chambers pressurize pure oxygen so that red blood cells and plasma carry more oxygen to the tissue in the body. This repairs damaged tissue, healing wounds and even restoring cells, for instance to the brain. Autism patients are especially helped by this aspect of the hyperbaric treatments.

Many doctors have not yet begun to specifically prescribe hyperbaric chambers or hbot, since the results because can be dramatically different for each patient. However, hyperbaric oxygen therapy are becoming more common as we see success stories emerge and patients who are willing to try hbot. It’s even easier to try hyperbarics recently; one doesn’t even need to go to a doctor’s office.

Hyperbaric chambers come in portable varieties that you can use in the comfort of your own home. Or, many doctors’ offices have chambers that will accommodate more than one person, so if the patient is nervous or claustrophobic, he or she can have company during the treatments.

Anyone can benefit from hbot. Those with insomnia, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, or memory loss can easily use hyperbaric treatments for a cure. If you are interested in researching hbot for your loved one with autism, please remember to contact your doctor before starting treatments.