Love Making Techniques – The Shower Power

Sharing a bath with the woman of your dreams can be an extremely sensuous experience. It can stimulate your senses and take you to the heights of sexual pleasure. Here are some naughty moves you can try when you are in the shower together

o First things first, lather her up. Use soft but firm strokes all over her body. Shampoo her hair and careess her toes, do not leave even even an inch.

o You can even try the facing position in the shower. Just stand underneath a shower and wrap her left leg around you. Hold her leg so that you are balancing her well. You can penetrate her in this position and cares her with your hands at the same time! This position is great because you feel totally into each other and the shower is just right for wet and passionate kisses!

o Have her balance herself over you while you are sitting in a tub. Place her so that she is squatting and facing your feet. Her legs should be outside yours. Penetrate her while you are in this position. You can also encourage her to hold a jet of water over her clitoris so that she is doubly stimulated. Run your fingers down her spine occasionally. This will just increase the spine tingling factor!

o You can use the shower curtain rod for a mind-blowing position also. Ask her to put a leg up onto the edge of the tub and hold onto the rod. Make sure the rod is fastened well and you have an ante skid mat on the floor. Hold her waist and enter her from behind while you are in this position. The water should be running over both of you at this time!

Try these love making techniques in the shower and have a memorable experience!