Losing Your Precious Hair? Here are Some Hair Care Tips

Human hair is made up of a dead protein called keratine which is produced by hair cells embedded in the epidermis. In order that the hair stay healthy it is essential that the roots get an adequate supply of material from which they manufacture the dry protein.

Often an unhealthy condition of hair and scalp is ignored because people believe it to be natural. These conditions generally manifest themselves as baldness and kindred complaints.


There are four basic types of baldness:

The first is the hereditary type which can never be prevented. However, the condition can be postponed to a certain extent by taking proper care of hair.

The second and the most common type manifests itself as shiny bald patches on the head and is called Alopecia Areata. This type of baldness is caused by weakening hair cells which could have been strengthened by external applications of Nicotinic and Amino Acids. This application augments the body's natural supply of Amino Acids and tones up the metabolic action. I has been observed that mental strain aggravates such conditions.

The third type of baldness is due to the hair roots, being infected by micro-organisms, or over activation of sebaceous glands leading to dandruff. This form of infection can be treated with mild antiseptics. These conditions can also be improved by administering tonics know to have the protein constituents which cure infections leading to dandruff.

Baldness could also result due to weakening hair cells as a consequence of hormone imbalance in the body. In such cases, the only safe external treatment is to stimulate the cells by vigorously massaging the scalp, preferably with hair tonics having specialized ingredients which could have been assimilates by hair roots.


Dandruff is a rabbit flaking of the epidermis and is the result of overactive sebaceous glands. In serious cases, inflammations develop which spread to the face and shoulders. A patchy, greasy, itchy rash appears which can not be cured until the condition of the hair is cleared.

The remedy is to keep hair scrupulously clean by shampooing regularly and by washing using a mild sulphur solution.

Hair care

Research conducted over a period of time has proved that unhealthy hair conditions can be cured if hair roots are externally nourished using special tonics made for the purpose. Certain specific preparations are available and continuous use yields good results.

Regular cleaning of the hair and scalp is viral as a dirty scalp inevitably leads to infection. Hair can be kept reasonably clean by washing with a mild shampoo. After a shampoo a light hair dressing should be used to supplement the oils which have been washed out.

The hair and the scalp should be exercised by combing and brushing daily and whenever possible, by massaging. Brushing and massaging, including increasing the blood supply to the scalp, stimulates the sebaceous glands and spread the sebum evenly.

One must remember that prevention is always better than cure and through certain hair conditions can not be avoided their sunset can certainly be delayed by proper hair hygiene.