Lose the Belly Fat With These Two Secrets

You've probably thought of every technique in the world to lose stubborn belly fat. You may have even purchased some of the "gimmicky" ab products from the TV infomercials. I'm about to reveal the TRUE secrets that will allow you to once and for all … lose the belly fat!

Secret # 1 – If you want to lose the belly fat, do not spend your time focusing on ab specific exercises. There is no need to do hundreds of situps and crunches. It's an absolute myth that you can "spot reduce" belly fat by doing exercises that target the abs only. Yes, ab exercises will strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles, but if you have inches of fat covering those muscles, your six pack will NEVER reveal itself! Ab exercises should be a part of your overall workout program, but only a small part.

Here's the truth … Your workouts should focus on big multiple joint exercises that work the largest muscle groups of the body, such as the legs, chest, and back. This is the true secret to lose the belly fat and love handles. By structuring your workouts in this manner, you will increase your metabolic rate both during the workout, and for 24 to 48 hours post workout. In addition, this will also stimulate an increase in fat burning hormones within your body. You will not get this type of metabolic and hormonal response by doing abs specific exercises.

Some of the best fat burning exercises include squats, lunges, pushes, pulls, clean & presses, etc ….. NOT situps!

Secret # 2 – You need to have a well balanced diet full of whole natural foods, not processed foods. Do not fall for all of those "fad diet" scams! "Diets" will actually harm you more than help you. You should never be depriving yourself of macro nutrients (proteins, carbs, fats). Your body needs these things! Even fat … that's right, your body even needs a certain amount of healthy fat each day.