Lose Inches Off Your Waist – Lose Stomach Inches Within 10 Days Using These Secret Techniques!

Lose inches off waist… possible? Yep. I can just about guarantee that you’ll lose stomach inches within 10 days using these secret techniques. Most, if not all, of what I’m about to share with you… you’ll never have heard of. This is BEYOND simple diet and exercise information!

Lose Inches Off Waist

1. Use cold water thermogenesis

Cold water creates thermogenesis (fat burning). I’m not going to bore you and say to drink 8 glasses of cold water (it does help), but instead I want you to use your shower… WITHOUT having to take a complete cold shower.

I know taking a cold shower is out of the question for most people. I don’t blame ya. I remember back to college when we had to suffer with cold showers in our dorms for a week. Brrr! Torture.

So take your normal shower. But once you’re done, this then use cold water. You only need to use it for 15 seconds. Yep… it is torture, but COME ON, it’s only 15 seconds and it’s going to help you lose stomach inches fast.

Just do it and let thermogenesis do the rest. Do it everyday!

2. To flatten your belly fat and lose inches, do the vacuum pose

This is the KING of all waist reducing exercises. Suck in your belly, hold it, rest, repeat. That’s all there is to it. Some details… you suck in the belly button and lower abs… focus on that. Another detail… hold the “pose” for as long as possible (at least 15 seconds).

I’ll just say this. I’ve had clients lose 3 inches in 1 month doing just this exercise. They were ambitious and determined, are you?

Lose stomach inches fast? Yep! Lose inches off waist… definitely AND within 10 days if you use these 2 quick techniques.