Looking at Cure for Shingles

Having shingles can be a very debilitating and painful experience. This is probably why many people are interested in knowing if there is a cure for shingles. What is the truth about so called shingles treatments?

Cure for Shingles

To date, experts are still trying to determine whether there is indeed a cure for it or not. The truth is that the term “cure” may be a little too strong to use. Experts say that there is no real absolute cure for shingles. There is however, no need to despair because shingles can be treated and controlled.

For sure, there are shingles medication that can help alleviate the pain and shorten the period of the condition. Studies also show that even though there is no cure for shingles, treatment can limit a person’s chances of suffering from complications like post herpetic neuralgia and blindness.

Medication for Shingles

Anti virals cannot be seen as shingles cure because it cannot properly kill the virus. Proper medication however will step up the crusting and healing of shingles blisters by a number of days. Doctors usually prescribe anti viral medication combined with other pain relieving medications.

It is important to note that the earlier the treatment, the more effective and the quicker it can work. It is recommended that medical assistance be sought within 48-72 hours after the first signs of shingles emerge. The first signs are usually pain and some rashes.

Shingles Vaccine

In the past, chicken pox immunization was the solution to reduce the risk of getting chicken pox. Recently, researchers have come up with a solution not as a cure for shingles but as a way of preventing it in people over 60 who have had chicken pox but not shingles.

A new study of a vaccine, however, shows that it can lower the incidence of shingles. This vaccine works best with the elderly and with people who are 60-69 years old. Nonetheless, the vaccine did not prevent shingles 100% in all the participants of the study. Science is still far from discovering a real effective cure for shingles.

Controlling the Spread of the Virus

The virus is not spread by mere contact alone. Contamination takes a direct contact with blisters by persons who have not had chicken pox and have not been vaccinated in order for. Common sense should therefore tell you that you should avoid direct contact with infants, children and pregnant women. In a lot of people who have had chicken pox, there is no need for direct contact with someone who has shingles to get shingles. A poor immune system is enough to trigger shingles.

Supporting Your Immune System

Living a healthy lifestyle and a good diet can’t prevent shingles but it can definitely strengthen the immune system against it. Make sure that you cut down on smoking and drinking too much alcohol. You should also cut your stress levels since stress can affect your immune system. It would also do your body a lot of good if you exercised regularly and ate a balanced diet with foods rich in vitamins and minerals.