Long Sleeve Tops: Work Up A Fashion Rage


Winter is running its normal course and fashion-mongers across the world are looking for something that can keep them protected from chill and yet exude a style statement. Their wish is being fulfilled exceedingly well through a long sleeve top. They are pretty laid-back in their style and are also great on-the-go apparel.

Much like a drawstring pant, a long sleeve top offers you all the modalities of a fashion wear. You can cultivate them in designer houses, run them haute couture and yet they remain a wonderfully easy-going outfit without any hangovers.

This Christmas long sleeve top in red is running rings around the market. Whether you look for intricate patterns or rather simple and sober monochromes, they present a gallery of choices to you. It does not matter whether you are a skinny lady with a petite frame or a well-curved woman. It does not matter whether you have a strong collar bone or a weak shoulder pad; there is a long sleeve top for everyone who has got the perspective to use it.

You can wear them as button-downs, or even as a flowing tunic. They are available in various materials across the prĂȘt-a-porte and designer racks. The cotton done in spandex is just as readily available as the silk and satins.

The Christmas collection is already overflowing with strong solid colors. Look for any gallant rack and you will find a highly versatile collection of long sleeve tops. There is no dearth of Zip-Thru’s or V-Neck chains. If you are a little circumspect about the best style of wearing the dress, you will hardly be found wanting. Let us take a look.

  • They can best be accessorized by long beads and junky necklaces.
  • Belted trousers work like fire with the long sleeve tops.
  • While going for rayon you must pre-assess that the top is categorized as machine-wash or it may run the risk of shrinking rapidly.
  • Go for one this Christmas that hits the hip area snugly and pair them with a belted short or trouser.
  • You can also alight your Christmas by paring red tops with finger gloves or scarf sets. They look a formidable fashion pairing.

You just need to prefigure your body type and find what would essentially suit you. Once you are done, choose a few according to your sensibility and you will sure pass the fashion test of Christmas and winter with flying colors.