Living With Hepatitis

Living with hepatitis whether chronic or acute can cause stress not only for you but also your immediate family. The symptoms of hepatitis can increase the emotions of coping with everyday life, so finding ways to cope with the added stresses brought on minimise the distress and frustration are important.

It’s important when living with hepatitis to have people around you can count on for support and encouragement. Talk to your family and friends about difficulties you are having and what support you need from them. This support makes life a lot easier.

Be sure to tell your doctor about all the symptoms you’re experiencing. They will be able to tell you if it has anything to do with the way your liver is functioning through the tests they will carry out. Your doctor will give you advice on any treatments that can help you cope. Try where ever possible to keep a diary of any unusual symptoms you have experienced, it is easy to relate these to your condition, but try not to forget you will pickup other short term viruses which could easily be the cause of the symptoms. Writing it down makes it easier to tell your doctor accuratley, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Fatigue and tiredness are a problem so balancing rest and activities is important. Some experts say trying to take short naps during the day, some people find this impossible as they are at work or looking after children, so try to have night time routine so you get the required sleep and rest you need.

If you suffer from sickness, eating can be a trial. Talk to your doctor and ask for help maybe in the form of medication, a good well balanced diet is essential to maintaining your health. Try eating frequent, smaller meals instead of fewer, larger meals. Patients living with hepatitis must remember that alcohol is a toxin and can cause major problems for your liver. With chronic liver disease your Doctor may suggest vaccinations against hepatitis A, and possibly hepatitis B, also it is a good idea to have any winter flu jabs as a precaution.