Living With Disabilities

Living with disabilities can be a lot easier if you are willing to take advantage of assistance programs offered to people with your specific disability. There are many people who refuse to join disability programs because they feel like they are giving up if they use them. The programs were not created to give anyone an easy escape from responsibility. Instead, most disability programs are there to help people progress faster and more efficiently. Let me tell you about about a disability program that I used in high school. My hands have trouble writing legibly. Because of this I would get low grades in school from teachers who could not read my writing. I was shy and did not want to approach the disability department at my school to get help for this. So, I accepted low grades for a while.

That was until my mother started to get mad at me for getting low grades. I explained to her what was happening. It was the same thing that had happened at every school I had ever been to. She contacted the disability department, and from then on I could use a computer to do my assignments. My grades started to improve greatly. I enjoyed doing assignments more because I knew that my teachers would be able to read what I wrote. When I look back on that experience, I realize that I was silly to think that being part of a disability program would make me any less of a person. The disability program helped me become better. It provided a means whereby my teachers could read my work and help me get better at it. There are many disabilities out there, but they all have on thing in common. There is help for each of them. No matter what your disability is, or where you are, there are ways to be able to have that disability effect you as little as possible.

Sometimes you will have to do more than just join a disability program. If there is not a program like that where you are, then you might have to form one. You will be a hero to future people with your disability. For instance, there was a library that I used to visit that only had stairs. People with wheelchairs simply could not visit that library. They had to go across town to another library. One brave person decided to fight against this. She petitioned to have a ramp installed at the library. After the newspaper picked up their story, the library said that they were building a ramp. Now there are many people with wheelchairs that frequent that library. Living with disabilities is a way of life for many of us. Sometimes we forget that there is help out there. We should not be so prideful not to accept assistance when it can make us better at doing the things we want to do. Everyone needs help sometimes. It is nothing that we need to be ashamed of.