Living After a Stroke

A stroke often comes like a thief in the night. An individual in seemingly good health can experience this life-threatening condition in the blink of an eye, with no warning whatever. For those that survive, life may never be the same. Even for those with a good prognosis for stroke recovery, the road to good health and regaining lost abilities can be long and hard. But, living after a stroke is possible, with the right attitude and the assistance to move forward.

Grieving after a Stroke

Of course, it is too much to expect you to have the right attitude, when you first discover that the world, as you know it, has been turned upside down and dumped into a scrambled heap. Without they have already had to learn about living after a stroke, people can not really understand what you are going through right now.

In short, you will have to go through the same unfair process as those who have lost a loved one. You have a right to be angry and frustrated. While some individuals have slight strokes that are barely noticeable, you might have lost control of either side of your body, your whole body, and even the power to speak. One minute you are totally independent and enjoying life, and the next second you are totally dependent on other people simply to make it through the day.

Learn to Live Again

But, there will come a time when living after a stroke seems possible. Your desire to regain use of your body will kick in, and you will start to fight for control. Maybe it will not happen overnight, and maybe nothing will ever be exactly the same as it was before a stroke. However, any skills that you can regain, any tasks that you can relearn to do for yourself will make life a lot easier.

Help for Stroke Victims is Available

However, you may want to invest in products and devices that will make living after a stroke more comfortable and a lot safer. For example, shower chairs, hand rails, and transfer boards will reduce the dangers of falling in the bathroom. A wheelchair, as much as you might dislike it at first, will enable you to go to church, go shopping, meet friends, and do many of the things you used to love. Now, you will simply have to learn how to do them a little differently.

You will be amazed at the services and products now available for individuals with disabilities. Maybe you will only need the assistance temporarily; maybe you will have to settle for less than 100% recovery. In either case, you are alive! Friends and loved ones want to help you with the process of living after a stroke. Remember, you are not alone.

You Can Do It!

So, keep working to maximize your improvement; but, accept the helpful aids and resources available to make life just a little easier. Your friends and loved ones want you to get better. Hopefully, you have reached the point where you want to begin living after a stroke.