Liver And Libido – How To Improve Libido By Detoxing

How are low libido and a congested liver related? A clean liver is essential for your libido to function well and for your sex drive to remain healthy and natural. I still maintain, finding out this fact purely by accident was my single best discovery of a natural remedy for increasing your sex drive.

Detoxing your body and cleaning a congested liver can be beneficial for both men and women. An efficient, clean liver works absolute wonders for your sex drive and your general vitality. And looking around a bit, it appears that very few people actually know this. More people are focused more on using sexual health supplements as solutions.

Supplements are also necessary for sexual health but the importance of libido and liver shouldn’t be underestimated.

A toxic world for libido and congested liver

Living in the world we do, many of us are ignorant about the potential effects certain types of food have on the liver. Eating processed food, junk food or even fresh meat and vegetables can cause our livers to clog up with toxins.

Animals (including fish) are farmed using techniques our bodies are no longer really compatible with and are fed substances including steroids and antibiotics.

Chemicals in our bodies

Crops have been sprayed with chemicals for years. The campaigns encouraging to you eat 10 fruit and vegetables per day are all very well-intentioned, but there’s no mention that the chemicals they carry can ruin your liver long-term.

These products eventually filter through to you and your liver of course. Your liver has to try to remove this alien substance from your body and filter it out. This makes it work harder and harder. Add on to this the fact that most of us enjoy a drink or two and why shouldn’t we? Drinking can be relaxing.

However, once all this accumulates, you get a liver that is half clogged up with junk by the time you hit your thirties. This tends to have an adverse effect on your libido and the general balance of your body.

What does the liver do?

The liver acts as the body’s filter, and removes all the toxic stuff from you. A bit like an air filter that you put in damp, moist rooms. Or like a cigarette filter that removes the worst of the tar from your cigarette.

Congested Liver = Low Libido

So when it starts to slow down or work less well due to it being clogged up, the filter is less effective. And just like staying in a basement room with an air extractor that stops working properly, you’ll start to become unhealthy.

Getting a bloated gut, bad skin, bad breath and a weak libido are all signs of a poorly functioning liver. Any one of these can be down to your liver having to struggle to do its job.

How can I clean my body to improve my libido?

Just imagine, getting down to that dusty, damp, unhealthy and moist basement room where the extractor fan doesn’t work well and replacing it with a new, high performance fan that sucks out all the unhealthy air.

The room would be clean and healthy again within a day or two.

Likewise, with flushing or cleaning your vital organ is essential to regaining your libido power again. How do you do this? Milk thistle and cysteine are the most reliable natural herbs that help to protect, clean and regenerate the liver.

I detoxed my liver and got to feel cleaner, lighter and improved my concentration just by following the techniques outlined in Using a supplement such as Milk Thistle is also excellent for a faster detox.