Lithotripsy as a Kidney Stone Treatment – What You Should Know


Kidney stones can sometimes reach a certain size wherein it is no longer removable by passing it out via the urinary tract. The sufferer is already in a state of too much pain and is showing signs of infection.

Intermittent chills and fever adds to the unbearable pain, hence it is quite obvious that the kidney stone treatment can longer be simple remedial cures. The process of lithotripsy  may be recommended as a kidney stone treatment.

What is Lithotripsy?

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy or ESWL is a kidney stone treatment applied to remove a large kidney stone blocking the ureter. There is actually no surgery involved but instead the kidney stones will be broken down into the smallest particles as possible with the use of shock waves.

From being a large kidney stone that has the ability to block the ureter entrance, application of the ESWL technique has the capability to turn into small grain like particles, much easier to pass via the urine excretion.

There are two ways in proceeding with ESWL technique. One method places the patient in a tub full of lukewarm water where the body will be placed in a position, which will allow the x-ray machine to locate where stones are situated. The other method allows the patient to lie down on a padded membrane where shock waves can pass through. 

It is quite important that the person’s kidney stone can be determined as to largeness, quantity and location. This way, the process of going through ESWL will be most effective in eliminating whatever kidney stones are present in the renal area.

The whole procedure may take 45 to 60 minutes with an estimated 1,000 to 2,000shock waves applied. As soon as he or she gets out of the clinic for said treatment, the patient can resume his usual activities within a day or two of recuperating. 

A person undergoing EWSL doesn’t have to be confined. Hospital bills therefore will not balloon due to the high cost of hospital stays.  Though advantageous, it can also be expensive. Besides, not all kidney stone disorders can be treated using this technique.

However, there are cases that after the treatment, the kidney stones may still be painful in passing out. Hence, there are proper drug medications to alleviate the pain. Although the relief that one patient gets will take longer if he or she is known to have a low rate of success in taking out the kidney stones in his or her system.

The recuperating patient must bear in mind that the ESWL method is only to remove the kidney stones found in his renal system. It does not provide permanent cure as others may think. Part of the person’s recuperation process is rehabilitating his lifestyle and correcting the deficiencies and excesses in his or her diet.

Lithotripsy, like any other kidney stone treatment does not end the kidney stone sufferer’s disorder; it was resorted to, only to avoid complications.

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