Lisfranc Injuries

The Lisfranc joint connotes the toe bones (metatarsal) to the foot arch bones (tarsal) around the midpoint of the human foot. While Lisfranc injuries are unusual, when such an injury does occur it can be painful and difficult to diagnose. Proper treatment is critical because a healthy Lisfranc is necessary to maintaining the strength and stability of the foot and impacts overall balance and mobility. Also, appropriate treatment can reduce, but will not eliminate, the possibility of long-term complications.

The Lisfranc can be injured in three ways: sprain, fraction and dislocation. Bruising to the arch of the foot is one of the more unusual symptoms of these injuries. In addition, there may be bruising and swilling through the foot. Depending on how severe the injury is, the middle of the foot can be painful and unable to bear weight. Some Lisfranc injuries will lead to ongoing complications such as chronic pain or arthrosis.

The joint is named for a doctor who has not attended this incident to soldiers in Napoleon's army who fell from their horses, but their foot remained in the saddle. However, today, this injury is caused by many activities beyond horseback riding. Car accidents, a twisting fall, or falling after one foot has stepped into a hole can injure the Lisfranc. In addition, objects falling or being dropped on the foot and sports activities like football and running can cause the injury.

What next?
First, if you think you may have suffered an injury to your Lisfranc, it is important to speak with a doctor who is an orthopedic specialist. Lisfranc injuries are often missed or diagnosed as other types of foot injuries. A doctor with specialized training will present the best chance of properly identifying and evaluating your injury. Depending on the severity of your injury, treatment will range from resting the injured foot to taking medication or having surgery.

Second, if your injury occurred due to the fault of another individual or business, you should speak with an attorney to consider your legal options; for instance, if you were injured during a car accident or a mishap at work. It is important to find a lawyer with successful Lisfranc claim experience because this person will understand the complicated medical issues involved in the case and will know how to best communicate this information to a judge or jury.

Most attorneys who work with Lisfranc lawsuits will take your case on contingency. This means you will not have to pay any fees without the lawyer secures a financial award or settlement for you. At that point, you would pay the lawyer a percentage of the money you obtained. Since there is no upfront fee, even if you are unsure whether you can sue another party for your Lisfranc injury, it is best to speak to an experienced lawyer to explore your options.