Lisbon, Portugal’s Best Hospitals

Lisbon, Portugal is an ancient city whose history can be traced back to the 6th century. The history of the city intersects with the history of Julius Caesar who renamed the city “Felicitas Julia”. As both the capital city of Portugal and a major port city, Lisbon is still bustling with activity in modern time. You can conveniently find both private and public hospitals throughout the city.

Set up in 1967, the Hospital Particular de Lisbon has been a leader in providing modern and quality healthcare services to it patients. The hospital trains its staff and conducts research in order to better serve its patients along the lines of family medical care, emergency medical situations and certain medical specialties. The hospital also admits many patients from around the country. The hospital contact details are as follows: Av. Luís Bívar nº 30, 1069-142 Lisbon and +351 213 586 200

Three hospitals were merged together to form the new and modern Lisbon Western Hospital Center. The hospital has a fairly large capacity of 900 beds to admit patients from around the country. The hospital provides inpatient care for a range of medical issues and also provides 24 hours emergency services. This hospital is notable for the promptness of its service.

The doctors at The British Hospital are among the best in the country, and the resident permanent physician is always available to offer guidance and care to the patients. In addition to the excellent staff, the hospital also utilizes the latest and greatest modern technology. This technology equips the hospitals other amenities such as inpatient care, the intensive care unit and transfusion services.

The constant research and medical training that takes place at Lisbon North Hospital Center enables the center to provide above average diagnostic and treatment services. As a result, the hospital admits patients who are both locally and internationally referred. The modern infrastructure and qualifications of the doctors also add the reliability and reputation of the hospital.

Santa Casa da Misericórdia is an old charity mission that has been in operation for over 500 year. In addition to all the other charity work, the hospital also provides healthcare services to the economically disenfranchised. They have seven healthcare centers and two mobile health units. Their contact number is 21 861 86 00. Their services include nutrition counseling, family planning advice, maternal care and diagnostics. All nine units are equipped to provide health consultation and treatment to children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens.