Liquid Supplements For Prevention Of Flu

Flu, a seasonal health condition, is referred to as Influenza in medical terminology. Flu is a highly contagious and acute respiratory tract infection that normally occurs in winter season. Generally, flu appears in form of epidemic. Although flu can affect people of all ages, children are affected more. Immuno-suppressed people, young children and people with chronic diseases experience the high severity of flu. Pneumonia (viral pneumonia or bacterial infection) is most common complication produced by flu. Other complications include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, myositis, myocarditis, reye's syndrome, encephalitis and pericarditis.

Flu develops from various strains of influenza virus. As viruses can mutate into various forms it makes the treatment difficult. One can get infected with flu by inhaling respiratory droplet from an infected individual or through indirect contact such as using contaminated glass.

The most common symptoms of Flu are: weakness, muscle aches, fatigue, fever, headaches, sneezing and runny nose. These symptoms are mild in nature and do not produce serious health complications.

Avoiding visits to crowded places like cinema halls, shopping malls, markets etc., especially during outbreak of flu epidemic will help you in prevention of flu. Some vaccinations and immunizations are also available for protecting you against occurrence of flu.

Treatment of flu is aimed at relieving pains (muscle pains, headaches etc). Normally medications like acetaminophen, ibuprofen and other medications known for anti-flu features are recommended. Certain alternative therapies may also help. Use of liquid supplements (dietary supplements) is natural approach towards preventing or relieving flu symptoms.

Natural supplements (liquid supplements) like colloidal silver, colloidal gold and other dietary supplements may produce significant results in prevention of flu and other infectious diseases, if not treatment. Typically, consumption of liquid supplements is recommended as complementary therapy for obtaining fast and long lasting results. Liquid supplements, being natural in nature do not produce adverse side effects. Contents of liquid supplements such as silver, copper, gold etc have the proprietary of killing bacteria and other harmful microorganisms which can produce infections. Moreover, liquid supplements enhance the immune system and also regulate hormonal balances. Benefits provided by liquid supplements are long lasting. Strengthened immune system helps in prevention of infections like flu and also protects you from recurrence of such infections.