Lip Sores – Causes and Treatment

There are various lip sores causes but the condition itself is known as Angular Cheilitis. Millions of people worldwide suffer from lip sores and it is a difficult condition to treat. Conventional treatment might include hydrocortizone cream or iron supplements but these approaches usually only offer short term symptomatic relief-if at all.

Persistent dampness around the lips, which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria is one of the main lip sores causes. Once the bacteria has taken hold, it is notoriously difficult to eradicate and very often will develop into a fungal infection. Indeed, once the infection has progressed from chapped lips to lesions around the mouth edges, this is usually a sign that it will be there oa semi-permanent basis.

Although not life-threatening, the day to day pain from lip sores can be debilitating and have severe effects on the sufferer's quality of life. Moreover, the appearance of Angular Cheilitis can often be a source of embarrassment.

The source of the dampness can be ill-fitting dentures or braces or drooling caused by pen biting or finger sucking. Removing these lip sores causes can be a good starting point for treatment. Simply getting dentures or braces adjusted can help, as can deterring biting / sucking by painting the offending object with a bitter substance such as vinegar. Of course, one of the key aims of treatment is to get to the root cause and eliminate it, and killing off the bacteria is really the way forward. This can be done quickly and effectively by starving the bacteria of oxygen which means that it can not survive.