Lip Sore From the Sun

Summer time comes, and the last thing you will expect is that you will get a lip sore from the sun. The hard truth is, there is a great risk from getting a sore in your lip due to sun exposure. If you do not take heed early on, you might only ruin the good days of summer. So start putting a good lip balm with sun protection to avoid sunburn on rather fun-filled days.

Ways to Relieve Sun Lip Sore

Blisters can occur after long-hours of being exposed to the sun. They are painful, especially when they are on your lips. Worse, the blisters can get shoddier because people have this tendency to always use the mouth. Therefore, your first order of business is to find ways to relieve lip sore from too much sun exposure.

Taking acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen can promise great pain reduction. They can lessen discomfort too. You can also resort to cooling gels, especially those that come with aloe vera, antihistamines, and corticosteroids because of their great soothing effect.

Stop yourself from further irritating your lips by limiting sun exposures until the blisters go away. Stay inside a dry and cool place to prevent irritants from coming in contact with your blisters.

Remedies to Treat Lip Blisters Away

The moment when you were able to stop the pain that comes with your lip sores, the next thing to do is to follow some home remedies to heal the problem. While the blister can heal on its own, you can still help in the process.

If you got small blisters, never pop them since this will never help in the healing process. The skin surrounding your lips are highly sensitive so pricking or draining large blisters will not help at all. It is wise to keep the skin covering the blister to remain intact; this will prevent infection from taking place.

It is important to clean the blisters at a regular basis. You can also apply antibiotic ointment to prevent the spread of infection and to heal the blisters faster. Ensuring the cleanliness of the blisters is highly important, especially since you cannot cover your lips with a bandage.

The thing is, although home remedies to treat lip sores are equally important, some may cause more harm than helping. Therefore, you must avoid using petroleum-based products and lotions with lidocaine.

Dealing with lip sore because of too much sun exposure is a great worry. However, they do come and go. Therefore, the best thing for you to do is to prevent yourself from getting one by applying lip balm with sun protection regularly.