Lifting Safety – Preventing Workplace Back Injuries

One common workplace injury is a back injury. Back injuries result from undue strain on the tendons and muscles of the spinal cord or the lower back, and can often occur from improper lifting technique or from poor continual sitting position. Sometimes back injuries incurred at work can disrupt everyday life and cause long-term medical conditions. Despite the high risk of back injuries, most people do not take proper precautions to ensure the health of their back.

The most common workplace back injuries are lifting injuries, which occur when a person bends over or picks up heavy objects on a regular basis. Many jobs entail heavy lifting as part of an everyday schedule, whether these jobs are in the outdoors, construction, warehouse, restaurant, or office environments. Other jobs only require heavy lifting on an occasional basis. In order to prevent back injuries, keep your safety in mind during any lifting action at work. Remember that other back injuries can occur from the wrong type of office chair or keyboard position in an office environment, and despite the nature of your job, any serious injury to your back can have lifelong consequences

To reduce the risk of a painful back or spinal injury, follow these steps to ensure proper lifting technique:

  • Stand in front of the object to be lifted with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend at your knees until you are squatting next to the object. Focus on keeping heavy forces on your knees rather than on your lower back.
  • Get a grip on the object with entire hand, not just your fingers. You should have a steady grip that will not require you to shift the position of your hands later.
  • Slowly lift using your legs and abdominal muscles rather than your back, keeping your back and neck in alignment.
  • Once standing, do not twist at the waist while carrying the load. Instead, point your feet in the direction you want to go and rotate your entire body.

People who suffer back injuries in the workplace may be able to gain workers' compensation to help pay for medical bills and other expenses. In addition, workers' compensation can help pay for time lost from work in the event of an accident. Much more information is available about workplace accidents, workplace lifting injuries, and workers' compensation. Learn more about To these and : other topics, visit the website of New Jersey workers compensation lawyers of Levinson Axelrod, PA