Life Lessons From a Slob

I have a confession. Being neat and tidy… organized… doesn’t come easily to me. I have to work at it. That’s why I know so much about it.

I used to say – defensively – that I was too busy having a life to spend my time cleaning. The thing that I didn’t realize was that life is so much better when you can see the floor. For some reason it’s easier to walk on. That is a good metaphor in general.

In letting chaos abound around me, and finally climbing out, I realized a few key lessons that had been in the making.Here are a few things that took me too long figure out…

1. The faster you go, the less you live. I have this theory that people rush and hurry because of an inner fear of dying before they get to live. Before they can get it all done. Guess what. Skimming through to get to the next thing takes the enjoyment and the experience out of everything. Slow down and take the scenic route. Don’t just live your life. Feel it.

2. Less really is more. In almost any area. Less to look after means more time to enjoy it. More time to do it better. More time to appreciate what you have.

3. Life is in the clear spaces. Room to breathe. Breath is the stuff of life. Take a deep one.

4. Things will always be there. Always more to do. People on the other hand will fade away. Time spent with people is never a waste of time.

5. Getting clear on the inside is a matter of deciding to do it. Nothing is important enough to carry around, taking space from the good things life brings. It’s always your choice. Minute by minute.

Have you ever thought, I’ll get to it after I get this mess under control, having no idea when that actually will be? If that’s the case, start living today. Dedicate one hour per day to get the clutter and the mess out and letting your life shine in.

Bottom line? Hiding behind clutter comes easy, but living in clear spaces is more fun. Don’t waste another day.

Let today amaze you.